TON Network's New Token Multisend Solution!

Mar 12, 2024

Hello, One Click Sender community!

One Click Sender has finally launched its token multi-send solution on the TON Network! This makes it the first token multi-send solution to support the TON Network.

We’ll go over the details below.

About TON Network

TON (Telegram Open Network) Network was developed by Pavel Durov, the founder of Telegram Messenger. This network combines blockchain and distributed technologies to create a highly efficient decentralized platform. With its high speed and scalability, the TON Network can process millions of transactions per second and supports smart contracts and various decentralized applications, offering users a versatile environment. TON Network is actively utilized across diverse industries and global communities, providing new innovations and opportunities in digital assets, social media, financial services, gaming, and more.

One Click Sender’s Support for the TON Network

With the start of One Click Sender’s support for the TON Network, users will be able to quickly and efficiently multi-send tokens on the TON Network, opening up new possibilities and convenience for the TON ecosystem. In addition to our support for the TON Network, we promise that as an innovative leader in token multi-send solutions, we will continue to introduce new features and networks to provide an even better experience for our users.

Start token multi-send on the TON Network with One Click Sender today!

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